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"Is it an A Day or a B Day?!"

Morning Announcements - April 20

B Day
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Description: Description: C:\Users\cbrennan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\A6FAXIOR\519e01fb88313[1].jpg  Mon April 4/20: Today is the start of YUGA’s Ban the Bottle Week. Our first fact is, It is estimated that about 3 gallons of water go into making 1 plastic water bottle. Come visit our lunch table to enter in a raffle to win a reusable water bottle!


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Pro-Am rider and Ledyard resident John Harris will be trying to ride 200 miles around Ledyard on April 15. The LHS Cycling Club is joining him. He is attempting to raise $2,000 for Ledyard Cycling. Check out his silly promo video and consider donating $10 to make him ride an extra mile for us Thank you!!!

Description: Description: Ever wonder what Mr. Galante does on the weekends? Find out in the newest edition of The Colonel. Figure out who has the lead as "Shrek" in next spring's musical and why senior Joe Warmus loves Zayn so much. Get more information on LHS's new sport--ping pong! All this and more at

Description: Description: C:\Users\cbrennan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\A6FAXIOR\lions-logo-large[1].jpgLedyard Lions Club Scholarship is now available in the Career Center. The scholarship is open to seniors residing in Ledyard or Gales Ferry.  Deadline is May 7th.

Description: Description: Image result for volleyballAnyone who is interested in playing Unified Volleyball we will begin practice after April Break.  Please see the nurse for clearance, even if you have been previously cleared for soccer and basketball you will need to complete an interim form before the first practice.  Any other questions- see Mrs. Lyon

All young men need to register with Selective Service when they turn 18.  It’s the law!  This is NOT the military draft, no recruiters contact you…   Register today at  It really takes less than two minutes.
Description: Description: Image result for studyingNeed Help with school work? A reminder to students wanting and needing help after school. The Coast Guard cadets will be here to help with math and science. Help is available this Tuesday and every Tuesday after school.









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4/10 HALF DAY (Dismissal at 12:00) (Professional Development)

4/13-17 NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

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