Homeschooling Information

Homeschooling Information
Notice of Intent - Instruction of Student at Home 

According to Connecticut state guidance regarding homeschooling; it is required that parents and/or legal guardians who wish to homeschool their child/ren  submit their intent in writing to the Superintendent of Schools. In addition, it is recommended that parents and/or legal guardians who intend to homeschool their child/ren complete the Notice of Intent to Homeschool form for each child. Ledyard Public Schools will accept this completed Notice of Intent as documentation of your intent to withdraw your student(s) to homeschool. The Notice of Intent form should be submitted to the Superintendent. Upon receipt and approval by the Superintendent, a copy of the signed Notice of Intent form will be mailed home to you for your records. The Student Services Department will also retain a copy in an effort to correspond with your family regarding further intent to homeschool and the optional annual portfolio review. 

The Connecticut Core Standards help provide parents and legal guardians with a clear expectation of what each student should learn annually and accomplish according to grade level. We encourage you to align your curriculum and instruction with these standards.

While homeschooling, Connecticut state guidance encourages you to maintain a portfolio containing samples of activities, assignments, projects/assessments, books and materials or programs used to develop your child’s individual curriculum.  As the end of each school year draws close to its end,  The Office of Student Services will mail you information regarding an optional annual portfolio review and how to schedule one if you are interested. 

Please note, that when you withdraw your child to Homeschool, they are no longer eligible to receive services from Ledyard Public Schools. This includes services associated with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), a 504 Accommodation Plan and other services including extracurricular activities offered by LPS. This is in accordance with The Ledyard Board of Education Policy Manual; Policy 6172.3.

If you plan to re-enroll your student into Ledyard Public schools registration is necessary at Central Office. Please use THIS LINK for the registration process.